Who we are

We are a group of designers and developers driven by building high-quality apps and sites. Starting as a duo in Berlin, tinloof now boasts a remote team helping businesses worldwide.
Seif Ghezala
Seif Ghezala
Omar Benseddik
Omar Benseddik

How we work

We promote a close working relationship and treat your project as if it were our own.

We use collaborative tools like Notion and Figma to share the product roadmap and design mockups.

We keep an open communication, sharing our progress and getting your feedback at every step of the project.

Our clients have enjoyed our clear communication, speed of delivery, and outcome.

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How we work part 1

What we care about

When we work on your product, we care about the elements that make your project oustanding:
Page speed has a positive impact on the user experience, improves your brand image, and makes your product more accessible to search crawlers.
The way users feel about your brand is influenced a lot by the time and effort it takes them to adapt to your product or learn how to perform tasks.
Search Engine Optimization
To gain organic traffic and top search engine rankings, we tune your product for search crawlers to easily understand what you offer.
Web accessibility allows everyone on the web to access your product, regardless of one’s impairments. It has a positive impact on usability and your brand image.
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