The legalisation of cannabis opened the door to thousand of businesses. To attract and educate customers outside of retail, companies willing to grow had no other choice than pushing forward their web presence.

We help businesses in the sector by offering them the right tooling to produce and share content. We also build performant e-commerce platforms and implement key features such as store locators.


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Betty's Eddies

Betty's Eddies is one of the multiple brands owned by Marimed, a US-based pharmaceutical cannabis operator. We've developed for them a performant site controlled from Sanity.

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Betty's Eddies Homepage


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Working with Omar and Seif has been a great experience. It’s clear they’ve put a lot of time and thought into their headless implementation. Definitely recommend Tinloof for any web projects.

Other industries

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Venture Capital

Venture Capital firms now need a strong web presence to attract new firms looking to fundraise, and a solid content strategy to become a reliable source in the startup world.


Building trust with potential and current clients is challenging. Healthcare companies do now rely on their content delivery and smooth in-app experience to cater for people who need support with their health.


The more content a media company produces, the slower their website gets, and the harder it is for them to manage it. As a web development and web design company, we help media companies by enabling a fast site and a smooth content editing experience.