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We empower companies to easily create and manage their content using Sanity as a headless CMS.
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Content management made easy, like it's supposed to be

Sanity is so easy to use and intuitive that your team could get onboarded in a matter of minutes.

Content is also managed and stored in one place by non-developers, saving hours of content editing tasks from developers' time.

This creates one source of truth for content, making it consistent across platforms and avoiding duplication.
Sanity is easy to use
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Preview changes instantly

Don't shoot in the dark!

It's important to see what your changes look like before your users do.

Sanity can be configured to show a preview of your changes that updates instantly while you're typing or modifying any content.

Real time collaboration

Content creation is a collaborative process, and Sanity keeps that in mind.

Edit, transform, and change content in synch with your team, without trying to guess who changes what.

Build modules once, publish infinite pages

Sanity makes you think of your content as a collection of modules.

You build these modules once then publish unlimited pages without a single extra line of code.

Translate or localise content

Sanity is so flexible that it can handle any localization use case.

You can either translate your content into multiple languages or target a specific market when publishing a page.

Also, there's no limit on the number of countries/languages you can support.
Sanity localisation

Upload any type of content

Content comes in different forms, be it an image, text, a YouTube video, or a custom component, Sanity supports it.

It is also possible to edit images on the go, format text like on Word, and add different variations of a component.
"I can never get over how easy it is to create stuff in Sanity"
Alix Lauzon testimonial
Alix Lauzon
Product Manager @ Zego
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