Web speed optimization

We test, audit, and improve the performance of websites and apps, making sure both users and search crawlers are satisfied.

Goals and process

What we aim for and why

We look for opportunities to make it as fast possible for your website or application users to achieve their goal from the moment they land on a page.

This is important for your website specifically to help it rank higher on search engines and convert more users.

More importantly, improving the speed of your website or app helps improve user experience and consequently helps users have a more positive view of your brand.

Our process

We first start with a discovery phase where we learn more about your business, team, audience, and technical architecture.

We also perform an audit using tools such Google's PageSpeed Insights to evaluate the performance with actual users and simulated lab data (e.g. slow 3G).

We then assess what would be a realistic goal to achieve and draft a plan to make it happen.

We also integrate into your team and push improvements in the form of code changes that are carefully reviewed and tested.

Google PageSpeed Insights scores of the Tinloof website

Happy clients

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We have been working with Tinloof on various projects for about 6 months now, and can't recommend them highly enough. They have been absolutely amazing developers, and have been a driving force in improving our companies Marketing Technology performance metrics, and delivering multiple other high-impact projects to support the team. We are forever grateful for all of the efforts Tinloof!

The Tinloof team is reliable, proactive, and knowledgeable. They delivered exactly what we needed in the timescales we needed them by, worked and communicated well with our internal teams and have provided training and documentation to support the teams.

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