We build remarkable digital brands

From logo creation to visual identity, we establish brand guidelines to help you grow and connect with your customers.

Branding projects

When to start the branding process

You launch a new company or new product.

You need to revamp a brand identity.

There’s a company or product name change.

You feel it’s time to create an integrated system.

It’s time for changes and you want to refresh your brand.

Your company has merged with another.

How we build brands

Branding encompasses more than just logo creation, typefaces, colors, iconography, and tone of voice. It is about creating an emotional connection between your business and the target audience.

To create a brand that expresses emotions, our brand designers start by getting a holistic understanding of what your business has to offer, how it differs from alternatives, and who your target audiences are.

Establishing brand guidelines is a collaborative effort, and by coordinating a series of workshops and following an iterative approach based on feedback, we end up establishing the guidelines that reflect your business best.

These guidelines include elements like visual positioning, visual brand expression, color, logotype, wordmark, and iconography.

Our branding capabilities

Brand equity audit

Visual positioning and identity

Naming and tagline

Logo creation

Target audience analysis

Competition analysis

Color ideology

Iconography and illustration guides

Tools to build brands

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Design and motion

We use collaborative tools like Figma for a fluid communication, and the Adobe suite to generate all types of assets.

Figma's logoFigmaAdobe Photoshop's logoAdobe PhotoshopAdobe Illustrator's logoAdobe Illustrator


We're open to use your tools, but we seen great success with Notion, Zoom, and Slack.

Slack's logoSlackNotion's logoNotionZoom's logoZoom


To render and create 3D assets, we use Blender.

Blender's logoBlender


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It was a pleasure working with Tinloof. They are friendly, professional and most importantly deliver world-class solutions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and hope we can work together in the future.

Very professional, patient, results-driven and a pleasure to work with. 100% recommended!

Brands we work with

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I work with a branding agency?

A branding agency like Tinloof can help you create brand guidelines that will give a soul to your business and ensure consistency across your messaging.

By having a logo and a visual identity that reflects your business, your target audience will recognise you amongst alternatives.

When done right, your customers will feel positive emotions when thinking about you, and even start to spread the message of your business my word of mouth.

Why is digital branding important for my business?

If you have ambition to grow your business, it is not enough to just "exist" or have a templated website.

To distinguish yourself from competitors and create an emotional connection with your target audience, you need support from a digital branding agency to help you establish a brand personality.

Why is website branding important?

If your website looks like others, you're less likely to leave a lasting impression on users.

Not only will prospects forget about you, but you will also lack consistency in your messaging and visual assets, which can harm your credibility.

To ensure retention and attraction, your website should be built with brand guidelines that best reflect your offering.

Other services

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Backend development

Tinloof develops robust backends using a modern microservices architecture that automatically scales based on storage and usage.

UX and UI design

We build beautiful and functional interfaces, to help craft the best user experiences for your target audience on both web and mobile.

Web applications

We have years of experience designing and developing user-friendly, fast, and reliable web applications using modern technologies.