Headless CMS integration

We empower companies to easily create and manage their content using a Headless CMS.


What is it?

When companies are first introduced to a Headless CMS, they often get confused about what it is. And that is why we've written a short introduction.

In short, it is the backend of your site, from which you can control content, layout, and SEO configuration.

It also comes with features like previewing how content changes look like before going live, generating social sharing images automatically, or automating translations.

How does it look like?

The interface is so simple to use that there is no learning curve.

Below a few snapshots of how a Headless CMS looks like:

Exakt Health Headless CMS
Heavybit Headless CMS
Betty's Eddies Headless CMS
LAK Gallery Headless CMS
Hanabi Headless CMS

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