Design audit service

Find design improvement opportunities in your website, ecommerce, or app and get instantaneous solutions for better results.

What is a design audit?

A design audit is a process whereby you objectively analyse the design of your product (website, ecommerce, or app), and outline actionable steps to ensure consistency, increase user retention, and improve the overall online experience.

A design audit can happen at two different stages:

1. Before launching the website, ecommerce, or app. The design audit ensures that the product's design is consistent and the user experience well defined to help increase conversion rates.

2. Months or years after the product is live. The design audit ensures that your solution is up to date with the market trends and suggests improvements that may have gone unnoticed when your site first launched.

Below you can find an example of a design audit we conducted for Heavybit, a San-Francisco developer tools venture capital.

After completing the design audit, we recreated the whole UX/UI on Figma (they previously used Sketch), and handled the development so that we could implement the new designs and improve the frontend.

What does a design audit cover?

Art direction

User experience



Call-to-actions (CTAs)






Our design audit process

1. We make it our priority to understand the goals and the vision of your business. Once we grasp your offering, your markets, and target audiences, we are able to start the analysis of your design.

2. We review your website, ecommerce, or app in detail by analysing your brand guidelines, the customer journey, and your key competitors.

3 - We document on Figma the main user experience and user interface issues we have spotted. These include, but are not limited to, spacing, typography, hierarchy, art direction, user flows, and overall style.

4 - We recommend improvements based on previous work we've done, design principles, and what your competitors are doing well.

5 - When a design audit is completed, you have the option to work with Tinloof for the UX/UI services we offer, to implement the suggestions we've outlined in the design audit.

6- When the UX/UI work is completed, you have the option to work with Tinloof for the web development services we offer to ensure that your frontend is SEO-friendly, fast, and easy to manage.

Frequently asked questions

Why does my website need a design audit?

Having expert UX/UI professionals provide an objective and unbiased review of your design is a great way to ensure consistency across your site and become aware of any conversion opportunities you might be missing.

How long does the design audit process take?

For simple websites or ecommerces, it usually takes up to a week to complete a design audit.

If you have a complex product with multiple user flows, it might take around two weeks.

Are there any design audit deliverables?

You receive a Figma document with a comprehensive analysis of the current situation and actionable steps to implement the improvements.

Our UX/UI experts will present to you the results of the audit and answer any questions you may have.

Can you implement any recommendations from a design audit?

Yes, after the design audit is completed, you could work with Tinloof for the web design services we offer, to support you with branding and UX/UI.

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