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Tinloof is a full-service ecommerce agency that specializes in providing ecommerce solutions, online stores, ecommerce websites, apps, and software development.

Software developers at Tinloof

Tinloof is an ecommerce software development company that specializes in building online stores for clients across various ecommerce platforms, mainly on Shopify.

We hire developers with many years of experience, who are experts in their field and are dedicated to providing the best results for each project.

Our agency has built dozens of ecommerce stores, making us a reputable ecommerce software development company.

We help our clients to create an optimal online store that will generate sales and drive revenue growth.

Ecommerce software development services

Tinloof offers multiple ecommerce software development services, including custom ecommerce software development.

Our experienced developers can work with you to create a unique, custom-built solution that meets your specific needs and requirements, whether it's a small tweak to an existing platform or a completely new software solution.

We can help you create an optimal online store that will generate sales and drive revenue growth.

Ecommerce websites

Tinloof helps ecommerce businesses secure an easy-to-manage website setup by providing a CMS (Content Management System) that allows them to update content, create blog posts, and write attractive narratives about their products.

We usually integrate Shopify with Sanity, which is a headless CMS, to make it easy for our clients to handle both ecommerce and website functionalities.

This makes it a breeze for clients to manage their website and their products, without the need for technical knowledge.

Our clients can easily update their website, create new pages and blog posts, and manage the product descriptions with the help of Sanity, while Shopify takes care of the ecommerce functionalities like payments, orders and inventory management.

This allows clients to focus on their business while we take care of the technical details.

Below a simple diagram outlining the architecture:

Ecommerce apps

Tinloof builds ecommerce apps to achieve custom functionalities for clients, mainly on the Shopify platform.

We have experience in web and mobile application development and use this expertise to create custom apps that can integrate seamlessly with the client's ecommerce store.

These apps can provide additional functionality, such as inventory management, customer relationship management, and reporting, to enhance the customer experience and streamline business operations.

Digital branding and design

Tinloof is a one-stop shop agency that also supports ecommerce businesses with digital branding and ecommerce web design.

Our clients can rely on us to provide a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of their digital presence, from branding and design to development and maintenance.

We can help our clients to create a unique and effective brand identity, design a user-friendly and visually appealing website, build custom ecommerce apps and provide ongoing support to ensure that their brand stays consistent and relevant over time.

Below an example of how we structure our design mockups on Figma:

Shopify development and integration

Tinloof is an ecommerce agency mainly focused on building Shopify stores, offering Shopify website design and Shopify app development as part of our service.

We specialize in creating unique and effective online stores that are tailored to our clients' business goals and target audience, using the Shopify platform.

Our services include Shopify website design, Shopify development, Shopify app development, and ongoing support to ensure that the store performs well and stays up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices.

Speed and performance optimisation

Tinloof is an agency specializing in improving website speed for ecommerce businesses.

Using tools like PageSpeed Insights, we measure website speed, analyze the results and provide performance optimization services.

Our goal is to help our clients reach peak performance, which is critical for technical SEO and can improve their online business by reducing bounce rates and increasing conversion rates.

Clients often reach out to us for help with performance optimization, and our team can always help them achieve faster website speed.

Tinloof Store 95+ Lighthouse page speed

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Ecommerce functionalities

Tinloof supports online stores with multiple ecommerce functionalities, by either relying on the out-of-the-box Shopify functionalities or coding them from scratch.

We can help you implement the necessary functionalities to make your store run smoothly, whether it's a standard functionality or a custom solution that you need.

Payment gateways & online transactions

Shopify enables multiple payment gateways options for online stores, which allows merchants to accept payments from customers in different ways. Some examples of the payment gateways offered by Shopify are Stripe, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

In addition to these standard payment gateways, Shopify Plus clients can also have access to custom checkout, which is a feature that allows merchants to create a unique checkout experience that aligns with their brand for even more attractive online transactions.

This can include customizing the checkout page, adding custom fields, and creating a seamless checkout experience that matches the look and feel of the website.

With custom checkout, Shopify Plus clients can provide a more personalized and memorable checkout experience for their customers.

Order management

Shopify's order management system allows merchants to view, track, and fulfill customer orders in one place, including tracking the status of an order, generating shipping labels, and sending tracking information to customers.

It also has the capability to connect with various shipping carriers and apps to automate the shipping process. It's a user-friendly and comprehensive tool that makes order management efficient.

Inventory management

Shopify's inventory management system allows merchants to track and manage stock levels, set low stock alerts, and track inventory across multiple locations.

It also has the capability to integrate with other apps to manage inventory in different channels. It's a great feature for helping merchants make informed decisions on their inventory.


We combine Shopify with Sanity CMS, to increase your reach by translating your content or publishing content that is targeted to specific markets.

Sanity CMS' localization is customizable and allows us to choose the best user experience for our clients.

Sanity CMS' pricing is totally independent of the number of locales we want to choose. We can have a fully operating website on an unlimited number of locales for free.

You can read more about the localization flow we provide with Sanity CMS in this blog article or in our Tinloof Store case study.

Below a quick demo on how to handle localization for ecommerces:

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Tinloof have been an excellent partner for us on our website rebuild project. The site they have so far delivered is performant and secure. Omar and Seif are deeply experienced in Sanity and React, but also in communicating clearly about their work, responding to our specific needs and priorities, and finding creative solutions to difficult problems. It has been a pleasure working with Omar and Seif for the past quarter, and I’m excited to continue partnering with them as we build new features and functionality.

Tinloof helped us build a new version of our website that is completely customisable from a Headless CMS called Sanity.
This saved us months of engineering work and helped us rank number 1 on Google for certain terms.
We were also able to benefit from their web development expertise to launch a referral program and a live chat.
They are true experts in their field and more importantly kind human beings that are great to work with.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I work with an ecommerce software development company?

Working with an ecommerce software development company like Tinloof can provide several benefits for your business.

We have the expertise, experience, and resources to provide a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of your ecommerce business, from website design and development to custom app development and ongoing support.

Our team can help you to get to market quickly and efficiently, we have most answers for your ecommerce needs and can help you to achieve your business goals.

What are the benefits of custom ecommerce software development?

Custom ecommerce software development offers several benefits, including more flexibility and customizability.

With custom development, businesses can create a unique online store that aligns with their specific needs and requirements.

This allows businesses to achieve certain objectives that would not be possible with off-the-shelf solutions.

Additionally, custom development allows businesses to easily adapt and scale their online store as their business grows and evolves.

Do you also offer B2B software solutions?

Yes, Tinloof also offers B2B software solutions.

We understand the unique challenges that B2B businesses face, and we can help you to achieve your goals by providing a wide range of services, from branding and design, to development and technical SEO.

We have experience working with many B2B businesses, and understand the specific needs of these companies.

As a B2B business ourselves, we understand the importance of building a strong online presence - and we can help you to achieve that.

How does the ecommerce software development process work?

At Tinloof, from day 1 we set up a Notion page with a roadmap that includes the main milestones, and a sprints board to track our day-to-day tasks.

We work in bi-weekly sprints to keep up our momentum and provide timeline transparency.

Working this way streamlines the software development process, and ensures that you are involved in every single step, providing your feedback, and if necessary, course-correcting the direction of the project.

Other services

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Ecommerce design

We design ecommerces with the aim to increase sales and improve retention.

Backend development

Tinloof develops robust backends using a modern microservices architecture that automatically scales based on storage and usage.

UX and UI design

We build beautiful and functional interfaces, to help craft the best user experiences for your target audience on both web and mobile.