Ecommerce web development

Tinloof is an ecommerce web development company that enables Shopify stores sell more and increase conversion rates.

Ecommerce web development with Tinloof

Tinloof is an ecommerce agency that specializes in helping online businesses with ecommerce development. As an ecommerce web development company, Tinloof has the knowledge and expertise to help businesses of all sizes build and manage successful online stores. Tinloof is also an official Shopify partner.

One of the ways in which Tinloof can help with ecommerce development is by helping businesses to choose and set up the right ecommerce platform.

There are many different ecommerce platforms available, and each has its own unique features and capabilities.

We help businesses to evaluate different platforms and choose the one that is best suited to their specific needs and requirements.

Once the right ecommerce platform has been chosen, we can help you to set it up and configure it to meet you specific needs.

This may include customizing the layout and design of the website, integrating with payment gateways and other services, or adding products and descriptions.

In addition to helping businesses with ecommerce development, we can also provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the store is running smoothly and effectively. This is particularly important for online businesses that rely on their website as a key source of revenue.

Overall, we can be a valuable resource for your business if you're looking to build and manage an online store. Our team of ecommerce experts can help you create a professional and user-friendly website that is optimized for conversions and help you to succeed online.

Ecommerce web design

Ecommerce web design is the process of creating and designing the visual appearance and user experience (UX) of an online store. It involves creating a layout and design that is visually appealing and easy to navigate, as well as designing features and functionality that make it easy for customers to browse and purchase products or services online.

An ecommerce web design agency like Tinloof can help you with a range of services, including UX/UI design, branding, design audits, custom graphics, illustrations, and 3D assets.

At Tinloof we can either pick and customize a Shopify theme for you (here's the theme directory), or create a custom design from scratch and document it on Figma.

Shopify Themes directory

Shopify ecommerce development

Tinloof is an ecommerce agency that specializes in helping businesses build and manage online stores using Shopify.

As a Shopify partner, Tinloof has extensive experience working with the Shopify platform and the team has in-depth knowledge of its features and capabilities.

Our ecommerce tech stack

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Media Management

Headless commerce web development

In a headless commerce setup, the frontend of the website (the part that customers see and interact with) is decoupled from the backend systems that manage things like orders, products, and customer data.

For example, the frontend is built with a React framework like Remix, and receives product data from Shopify and content data from a headless CMS like Sanity.

This allows businesses to have more flexibility and control over the design and functionality of their website, as well as the ability to easily integrate with other systems and platforms.

Tinloof is an ecommerce agency that specializes in helping businesses build and manage online stores using headless commerce architecture.

As an ecommerce web development company, Tinloof has a team of experienced ecommerce developers who are skilled in creating custom headless commerce solutions with top performance, accessibility, and SEO scores.

Best Practices

Related ecommerce services

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Ecommerce design

We design ecommerces with the aim to increase sales and improve retention.


From logo creation to visual identity, we establish brand guidelines to help you grow and connect with your customers.

UX and UI design

We build beautiful and functional interfaces, to help craft the best user experiences for your target audience on both web and mobile.

Responsive web design

Responsive web designs ensures that your website or app is adaptable to any device, ensuring great user experience and better conversion rates.

Design audit

Find design improvement opportunities across your website, ecommerce, or app and get instantaneous solutions for better results.

Headless CMS

The content "backend" of a site, allowing for a superior content editing experience, with key features like previewing content while editing, and the possibility to reach peak frontend performance.

Frontend development

Enterprises and startups trust frontend developers at Tinloof to deliver performance-focused and usable interfaces for the web and mobile apps.

Technical SEO

We conduct SEO audits and implement the necessary changes on websites and ecommerces to rank higher on Google and other SERPs.

Page speed optimization

We test, audit, and improve the performance of websites and apps, making sure both users and search crawlers are satisfied.

Why our customers enjoy our ecommerce process

At Tinloof, we are dedicated to providing a seamless and custom experience for every project we work on. Our team of designers and developers work collaboratively with you to ensure that you are happy with the outcome of the project.

One of the key features that sets Tinloof apart is our ability to offer a wide range of services, acting as a one-stop-shop for all things ecommerce. This includes branding, UX/UI design, and development. By offering these services under one roof, we are able to provide you with a cohesive and streamlined experience.

The ecommerce stores that we build are not only visually appealing and easy to use, but they are also built with performance and SEO in mind. This means that stores load quickly and rank highly in search engines, leading to increased traffic and sales.

In addition to building high-performing stores, at Tinloof we also put a strong emphasis on tailoring your ecommerce solutions to your target audiences. By understanding the needs and preferences of your customers, we are able to create ecommerce experiences that truly resonate with them.

Transparent and simple task management

From day 1, we set up a Notion page with a roadmap that includes the main milestones, and a sprints board to track our day-to-day tasks.

We work in bi-weekly sprints in order to efficiently plan, prioritize, and deliver small chunks of work on a regular basis, allowing us to make progress on a project in an iterative and agile manner. This helps us to stay focused and accountable and means that we can quickly adapt to changes or pivot in response to feedback.

Working in bi-weekly sprints also allows us to continuously gather and incorporate user feedback, which helps us to create more user-centered and valuable products.

How we organize ecommerce projects


We use Slack or Discord to make communication as fast and easy as possible.


We work in iterations and ask for feedback as soon as we make progress. These small feedback iterations make it easy for everyone to be aligned and progress faster.

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Working with Tinloof has been an absolute pleasure. We needed to localize our entire e-commerce site and they have done an outstanding job from start to finish. The final product is very easy to use and our whole team can utilize the backend with very little training. I would like to give a shout-out to Seif, who was incredible through the whole process. He was very professional and he has a huge amount of knowledge. I would 100% recommend and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Working with Tinloof has been an excellent experience. Seif is deeply knowledgable about all things Next.js and Sanity, communication was clear, delivery was punctual and exceeded expectations.

Moreover, Seif and Omar were extremely friendly and personable people.I would highly recommend Tinloof for any web development projects.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I work with an ecommerce web development company?

There are several reasons why you might consider working with an ecommerce web development company like Tinloof:

  1. Increased revenue: A well-designed and user-friendly ecommerce website can help you increase revenue by making it easier for customers to find and purchase your products. An ecommerce web development company can help you design a website that is optimized for conversions and helps you to showcase your products in the best possible way.
  2. Professional expertise: Ecommerce web developers have the knowledge and skills to build a website that is optimized for ecommerce. They can help you choose the right platform (most likely Shopify), design a user-friendly layout, and integrate the necessary features to help you succeed online.
  3. Time and cost savings: Building an ecommerce website can be a time-consuming and complex process. Working with an ecommerce web development company can save you time and money by allowing you to focus on running your business while the developers handle the technical work.
  4. Ongoing support: An ecommerce web development company can provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your website is running smoothly and effectively. They can also help you to make updates and improvements to your website as your business grows and evolves.

What is ecommerce web development?

Ecommerce web development is the process of building and maintaining an online store or ecommerce website.

It involves designing and implementing the frontend and backend features and functionality needed to allow customers to browse and purchase products or services online.

Ecommerce web development typically involves a range of tasks, including:

  • Choosing an ecommerce platform or content management system (CMS) - for example, Shopify serves as the ecommerce platform while Sanity serves as the CMS
  • Designing the layout and user experience (UX) of the website
  • Setting up payment gateway integrations and processing transactions
  • Implementing shipping and fulfillment options
  • Adding products and descriptions to the website
  • Integrating with inventory management systems
  • Setting up customer accounts and order tracking
  • Implementing security measures to protect sensitive customer data

Ecommerce web developers use a variety of tools and technologies to build and maintain ecommerce websites, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Next.js, Remix, Tailwind CSS, Sanity, Vercel, and others.

They may also work with databases and server-side technologies to build custom back-end functionality and integrations.

Will my ecommerce website be SEO-ready?

An ecommerce website can be optimized for search engines (in other words, made SEO-ready) to increase its visibility and help it reach the appropriate target audience.

However, achieving good search engine visibility requires a combination of on-page optimization (making sure that the website is structured and coded in a way that is friendly to search engines) and off-page optimization (building high-quality backlinks and promoting the website online).

To make sure that an ecommerce website is SEO-ready, it is important to focus on both on-page and off-page optimization.

Some specific things to consider include:

  • Choosing the right platform: Some ecommerce platforms are more SEO-friendly than others. It is important to choose a platform that is optimized for search engines and allows you to control important on-page elements such as title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs. You can read more about SEO best practices here.
  • Optimizing product pages: Product pages are an important part of an ecommerce website, and it is important to make sure that they are optimized for search engines. This includes using relevant and keyword-rich titles and descriptions, as well as optimizing images with alt text and captions.
  • Building high-quality backlinks: Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your website. These links can help to improve the authority and credibility of your website, which can in turn help to improve your search engine rankings.

If you are not familiar with technical SEO or do not have the time or resources to manage it in-house, you might consider working with a technical SEO agency like Tinloof.

Our technical SEO agency can help you to identify and fix any pressing technical issues on your website that might be holding it back in the search results. We'll also help you to implement an ongoing SEO strategy to increase your visibility and reach your target audience.

What ecommerce payment platforms do you recommend?

There are many different ecommerce platforms available, and the best one for your business will depend on your specific needs and requirements.

At Tinloof, our go-to ecommerce platform is Shopify.

Why Shopify?

  • Ease of use: Shopify is designed to be easy to use, even for those with limited technical knowledge. It offers a range of customizable templates, a simple drag-and-drop website builder, and an intuitive admin panel that makes it easy to manage your store and add products.
  • Wide range of features: Shopify offers a wide range of features and tools to help you build and manage your online store. This includes support for multiple languages and currencies, the ability to sell digital and physical products, support for subscriptions and recurring payments, and a range of integrations with popular tools and services.
  • Direct integration with Sanity: with Shopify Sanity Connect, we can easily integrate our go-to CMS with your ecommerce, allowing your marketing team to easily manage the website content and create landing pages without involvement of developers and designers.
  • Payment processing: Shopify includes built-in payment processing powered by Stripe, which makes it easy to accept credit card payments from your customers. You can also use other payment gateways if you prefer.
  • Mobile support: Shopify includes a range of mobile-friendly templates and features that make it easy to create a website that looks good and works well on mobile devices. It also offers a range of mobile apps that allow you to manage your store on the go.
  • Good support: Shopify offers a range of support options, including a comprehensive help center, an active community forum, and 24/7 support for paid plans.

If you're still considering different ecommerce platforms, don't hesitate to get in touch and we can support you.

What other ecommerce services do you offer?

As a specialist ecommerce web development agency, we offer a variety of services including:

Other services

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Responsive web design

Responsive web designs ensures that your website or app is adaptable to any device, ensuring great user experience and better conversion rates.

Frontend development

Enterprises and startups trust frontend developers at Tinloof to deliver performance-focused and usable interfaces for the web and mobile apps.