Technical SEO services

Tinloof is a technical SEO agency that conducts audits, and implements the necessary optimizations on websites and ecommerces to rank higher on Google and other SERPs.

Technical SEO agency

Tinloof's technical SEO specialists can help you optimize your website or ecommerce to increase the likelihood of ranking higher on SERPs.

Offering web development services, including performance optimization and headless CMS setup, gives us the freedom and ability to handle all the technical SEO factors in the best way possible.

As frontend experts, we are not limited to plugins or traditional CMS constraints - we have full control of the interface, which allows us to optimally configure your setup and automatically accomplish tasks like schema markup and sitemap generation.

On top of that, as a web design agency, we produce websites and ecommerces that are responsive and tailored to achieve the best Core Web Vitals scores.

By combining our different disciplines, going from page speed optimization to headless CMS localization, we are able to support our clients with all types of technical SEO services.

SEO Projects

Technical SEO factors

Page speed - the better the performance, the higher your chances to rank.

Site structure - ensuring proper information architecture and navigation.

Core Web Vitals - we improve and monitor CLS, FID, LCP on Google Search Console.

Dynamic sitemap generation - just focus on creating content, we automatically create sitemaps.

Broken links - we run daily or weekly audit crawls with Ahrefs/Semrush to ensure your pages don't 404.

Redirects - we offer you an easy-to-use setup to handle redirects.

Localization - we enable a seamless localization setup with a headless CMS and automate multilingual sitemaps.

Mobile-friendliness - we ensure that you hit green on Mobile Usability reports.

How do we measure technical SEO performance?

Using tools like Ahrefs and Semrush gives us a clear overview of the fixes your site requires to help it perform better in organic searches. We aim to achieve 100 scores, and we always ensure SEO health is monitored regularly.

We also use Google Search Console to monitor Core Web Vitals, and keep track of your website or ecommerce growth with analytics.

In this SEO best practices, we explain this in more detail.

We offer technical SEO services for

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Headless commerce

From design stage to production-ready code, we help brands offer the best online shopping experience.

Mobile applications

User-friendly mobile apps to expand your reach and connect with your customers on-the-go.

CMS capabilities

Sanity CMS SEO setup

If we're working on implementing a Headless CMS (like Sanity) for you, rest assured that you'll have the ability to configure SEO factors such as page visibility, meta titles, and alt tags.

We'll also enable you to control redirects, and automatically generate schema markup and sitemaps.

Real-life examples

Clients are happy with the increase in organic traffic they get thanks to the technical SEO implementation we've achieved.

We started working with Zego in August 2021, fast-forward a year and a few months, we've noticed these main following two trends:

- Increase of 30% in organic traffic

- Multiplied x3 the top 10 keywords

- Domain rating increased from 58 to 64

Happy clients

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I have worked with tinloof and in particular with Seif for 2+ months now for the complete revamp of our business website.
Seif is very knowledgeable with regard to CMS, choice of tech stack and technical SEO questions.
Communication is very easy and quick. I would definitely choose to work with tinloof again for this and future projects.

A particular note is for their front-end skills. The platform performs at cutting-edge levels in performance (1.3 seconds to load the heaviest page), SEO (lighthouse score of 98%), accessibility, and responsiveness (mobile is particularly excellent). After product validation, our users were amazed by the UI/UX design, something looking "professional, even better than dominant incumbents in the market.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I work with a technical SEO agency?

If you want to improve your chances to rank on search engines, it is crucial to have the right technical SEO setup in place.

By working with a technical SEO agency like Tinloof, you'll receive guidance on the following:

- Monitor pages so there are not error links

- Ensure redirects are working

- Monitor Google Search Console to make sure that Core Web Vitals, Page Experience, and Mobile Usability are well configured

- Setup automatically Schema markup

- Properly setup headers

In short, you ensure that your content ranks faster and better.

Do you offer technical SEO consultancy services?

Yes. We either support with technical SEO when we build a website or ecommerce, or we can offer it as a standalone service.

If it's the latter, we request access to your Google Search Console and we use Ahrefs to conduct a technical SEO audit and either share a report on the actions to take to fix the issues or proceed with fixing them ourselves.

What are the main benefits of technical SEO?

Having the right technical SEO setup helps search engines understand your site or ecommerce better, encouraging them to push you higher in the result pages, thus leading to an increase in conversion.

Can technical SEO increase my rankings?

Certainly. We've witnessed that with our clients and also at Tinloof.

Technical SEO alone cannot fix everything. It goes hand-in-hand with producing quality content.

Quality content will also encourage users to spend more time on your site and keep browsing for other content on your site.

Do ecommerce businesses need technical SEO services?

Definitely. Technical SEO is a key part of ecommerce web development and ecommerce web design. In an effort to reduce their CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), it is a good strategy to gain converting users via organic traffic.

To empower ecommerce businesses further, we integrate with a headless CMS like Sanity to offer marketers the ability create stories around products and blog posts to attract leads.

We also support online stores by automating schema markup (notably for product), create a dynamic sitemap that automatically gets captured by Google Search Console, and use the Google Content API to make products appear on Google Merchant Center.

We also offer technical SEO agency services for Shopify websites.

Is technical SEO important for localized websites?

Yes. We can advise you on the best URL structure (multi-domain vs subdirectories), and centralize content management in a way to generate URLs automatically, without having you worrying about the multi-languages sitemap.

Other services

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Mobile applications

User-friendly mobile apps to expand your reach and connect with your customers on-the-go.

Design services

We support businesses with branding, wireframing, prototyping, audits, UX, and UI. Regardless of the product, our designers can bring your vision to life and help you achieve your business goals.

Frontend consultancy

The amount of possibilities and technologies in frontend is overwhelming. With our years of experience in the market, we're able to support businesses with architecture, research, and strategy.