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Tinloof is a JavaScript development company with years of experience providing web development services for e-commerce, marketing websites, web applications, and mobile apps.

Projects built with JavaScript

JavaScript development services

As a full-stack JavaScript development company, our JavaScript development services cover both frontend and backend development.

JavaScript website development

We design and develop custom websites that are fast, SEO-optimized, user-friendly, and easily manageable through a headless CMS called Sanity.

We achieve that by restructuring your website pages into several reusable blocks.

These blocks could consist of anything; a hero section, for example, or a list of testimonials, a list of blog articles, or an interactive map. Basically, anything you could imagine on a website can be a block.

As part of our web development services, we code the user interface and logic of these blocks from scratch, and make them available for you on the headless CMS. This means you can build as many pages as you want by dragging and dropping blocks and filling them with content.

After this stage, you have full control of the website and will no longer need to depend on developers to make changes for you.

JavaScript application development

As a JavaScript development company, we utilize JavaScript to create MVP (minimum viable product) web and mobile applications and implement strategies to scale them for the general public.

JavaScript allows us to build dynamic and interactive applications that provide a cross-platform seamless user experience.

Recurring web app development features in our projects include billing, authentication and user management, data visualization, content management, and search engines.

Check out our web application development page to learn more about our experience and how we work.

Ecommerce development

We use a headless commerce architecture to deliver efficient and user-friendly online stores.

Shopify is our go-to tool for managing features related to commerce, such as inventory management, discounts, cart functionality, checkout processes, and purchase analysis.

We also utilize Sanity CMS to allow our clients to craft compelling narratives around their products.

As a JavaScript development company, we construct user interfaces using Remix, a JavaScript framework. For more information about our ecommerce services, see our headless commerce service page.

Our JavaScript tech stack

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About Tinloof's JavaScript developers

Senior JavaScript developers

Tinloof is a JavaScript development company with a team consisting of senior software engineers with more than 7 years of experience in test-driven web and app development.

We value written communication

We're passionate developers, working hard to solve challenges and achieve great results. When we do, we share our knowledge and experience in the form of articles designed for other developers or non-technical readers.

We're also proud of the work we produce, and often share the results in the form of written case studies.

Transparent and simple task management

From day 1, we set up a Notion page with a roadmap that includes the main milestones, and a sprints board to track our day-to-day tasks.

We work in bi-weekly sprints in order to efficiently plan, prioritize, and deliver small chunks of work on a regular basis, allowing us to make progress on a project in an iterative and agile manner. This helps us to stay focused and accountable and means that we can quickly adapt to changes or pivot in response to feedback.

Working in bi-weekly sprints also allows us to continuously gather and incorporate user feedback, which helps us to create more user-centered and valuable products.

Who we work with

Being a remote JavaScript development company, we get to work with clients from all over the world and from a wide range of industries.

You can find a comprehensive list of brands we got the chance to work with on our clients page.


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Tinloof helped us build a new version of our website that is completely customisable from a Headless CMS called Sanity.
This saved us months of engineering work and helped us rank number 1 on Google for certain terms.
We were also able to benefit from their web development expertise to launch a referral program and a live chat.
They are true experts in their field and more importantly kind human beings that are great to work with.

Tinloof have been an excellent partner for us on our website rebuild project. The site they have so far delivered is performant and secure. Omar and Seif are deeply experienced in Sanity and React, but also in communicating clearly about their work, responding to our specific needs and priorities, and finding creative solutions to difficult problems. It has been a pleasure working with Omar and Seif for the past quarter, and I’m excited to continue partnering with them as we build new features and functionality.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose Tinloof for my JavaScript development project?

Tinloof is a JavaScript development company that offers top-notch development services for businesses looking to enhance their online presence.

Our team of experienced JavaScript developers is skilled in utilizing the latest technologies to deliver innovative and effective solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

Our strong track record of successful projects and client testimonials should help you decide if we're a good fit for your project.

What is JavaScript used for?

JavaScript is a versatile programming language that is primarily used to create interactive front-end web applications.

It is used to add dynamic behavior to websites, such as animating elements, handling user input, and communicating with back-end servers via APIs.

JavaScript is also used for server-side programming and mobile application development.

It is a popular choice for developers due to its ease of use and the extensive support it has from the developer community.

How much does it cost to hire a JavaScript development company?

That will depend on the scope of your requirements.

We're usually able to provide a fixed price and time estimate if the project requirements are clearly defined.

However, this is not always the case. In these instances, we would either offer a research phase to nail the requirements or an ongoing agreement with a daily rate.