Shopify development agency

Tinloof is a Shopify agency that offers both design and development services to help ecommerce stores grow.

How we help Shopify stores

Tinloof designs, develops, and launches Shopify stores to help ecommerce businesses achieve their goals at any stage, be it at the inception or even years after they've launched.

Regardless of the service we offer, our end goal as a Shopify development agency remains the same, to help you achieve your goals and delight your users with an outstanding experience.

Our Shopify services

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From logo creation to visual identity, we establish brand guidelines to help you grow and connect with your customers.

UX and UI design

We build beautiful and functional interfaces, to help craft the best user experiences for your target audience on both web and mobile.

Design audit

Find design improvement opportunities across your website, ecommerce, or app and get instantaneous solutions for better results.

Frontend development

Enterprises and startups trust frontend developers at Tinloof to deliver performance-focused and usable interfaces for the web and mobile apps.

Technical SEO

We conduct SEO audits and implement the necessary changes on websites and ecommerces to rank higher on Google and other SERPs.

Page speed optimization

We test, audit, and improve the performance of websites and apps, making sure both users and search crawlers are satisfied.

Shopify web design

We establish the brand guidelines and design interfaces for all types of online stores.

As a web design agency, Tinloof is capable of creating a brand in a way to create a bond with your target audience, and craft tailored interfaces that make it pleasant and easy to purchase from your ecommerce.

As part of our UI design services we can also create custom illustrations or 3D assets for your store.

If you already have a brand and designs implemented, we can also support you with a design audit, to spot where improvements could be made.

Below is an example of how we structure our Figma before the handover to developers.

Shopify web development

As a Shopify web development agency, we develop Shopify websites with a headless architecture, meaning that the frontend (what users interact with) is decoupled from the backend (Shopify admin panel and CMS).

This offers flexibility for ecommerce platforms when it comes to tooling and integrations with 3rd parties, enables the possibility to reach peak page speeds, implement SEO best practices, and offer a superior content management experience.


We use Remix framework to power the storefront, which is what users interact with.

It enables us to implement any sort of design, whilst maintaining top page speeds.

In combination with Remix, we also use Shopify's framework Hydrogen, to access ready-made functionalities like Checkout.

In fact, Shopify is also an investor in Remix.


We use Sanity to empower content teams to create an infinite amount of pages, reference products directly from the content, and decide on the layout of the page.

Shopify offers a plugin that enables real-time synchronisation with Sanity.

In fact, Shopify is also an investor in Sanity, and Tinloof is one of the first official agency partners.

Store Management

Shopify is used as the store management tool to manage inventory, discounts, products, and access analytics and the list of customers.


We use tools like Vercel, Netlify, or Oxygen, to handle the deployment of your Shopify store.


Our philosophy when it comes to technical implementation is based on simplicity and minimalism.

We avoid reinventing the wheel by using service providers to implement certain functionalities (e.g. CMS, Search, Authentication) instead of building them from scratch.

Tinloof is a research-oriented Shopify development agency (you can see that on our blog), and we always ensure to pick the best tool for each job. In fact, we use the same tools for our own site and products - we don't preach what we don't practice.

We also do not use a service if it's not needed, making sure to save subscription costs.

Below is an overview of the architecture of the headless commerce we build as a Shopify development agency.

Tech we use with Shopify

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Video Management

Shopify application development

One of the main advantages of Shopify is its App Store, that offers a plethora of plugins that seamless integrate with your store to help you achieve your ecommerce goals.

For instance, Sanity is synchronised with Shopify via the plugin Sanity Connect, available for free on the App Store.

In some instances, however, you may not find the Shopify Apps you're looking for - but don't worry!

In such instances, you can tap into our web application development services to create a specific commerce app that fits your needs.

From Shopify Functions, to Checkout UI extensions or Purchase options, Tinloof can support you.

Shopify technical SEO

We support your digital marketing team by following the best SEO practices to help your products rank.

As a technical SEO agency, we focus on multiple optimisation parameters that can make or break your chances to rank on SERPs, including:

- Automatically adding schema about product data, reviews, and FAQs.

- Connecting with Google Merchant Center.

- Sitemap dynamic generation.

- Tailored URL structure, with an emphasis on canonical URLs when there are many variations of a product.

The list goes on, for instance if you enable localization or if you have breadcrumbs on your product pages.

How we work as a Shopify agency

As a Shopify development agency, Tinloof can support you with a variety of project types of works, ranging from design audits to page speed improvements.

Regardless of the task, we work closely with ecommerce businesses and share the same goal.

Roadmap and task management

From day 1 we set up a Notion page with a roadmap that includes the main migration milestones and a board to track our day-to-day tasks.

How we organize Shopify projects


We use Slack or Discord to make communication as fast and easy as possible.


We work in iterations and ask for feedback as soon as we make progress. These small feedback iterations make it easy for everyone to be aligned and progress faster.


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Working with Tinloof has been an excellent experience. Seif is deeply knowledgable about all things Next.js and Sanity, communication was clear, delivery was punctual and exceeded expectations.

Moreover, Seif and Omar were extremely friendly and personable people.I would highly recommend Tinloof for any web development projects.”


Working with Tinloof has been an absolute pleasure. We needed to localize our entire e-commerce site and they have done an outstanding job from start to finish. The final product is very easy to use and our whole team can utilize the backend with very little training. I would like to give a shout-out to Seif, who was incredible through the whole process. He was very professional and he has a huge amount of knowledge. I would 100% recommend and I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Frequently asked questions

Why should I work with a Shopify agency?

Working with a Shopify agency like Tinloof gives you access to a knowledge base backed by dozens of projects, and enables you to apply the best practices for your ecommerce.

You will also have access to a wide array of services, including all sorts of web design services like branding and UX/UI, and web development services like page speed optimisation and technical SEO.

What is the benefit of having a Shopify store?

There are countless benefits of using Shopify:

Ease of use: onboarding to the Shopify admin panel is straightforward thanks to the interface being so simple.

Architecture flexibility: Shopify can be used as a headless commerce tool, allowing to reach top page speeds and integrations via APIs with other 3rd party tools like Sanity.

Community: Shopify has such a large and active community that you're certain to receive an answer if you have a question. Even better, there's a chance it's been answered already.

Reliability: Shopify has been around since 2006 and is compliant with the security standards.

Do you offer Shopify migration services?

Yes. We can support your migration from WooPress, BigCommerce, Magento, or any other platform.

Whether your store is simple or complex, get in touch and we can assess the feasibility, including timeline and pricing.

Need help with Shopify?