Hanabi Agency

Hanabi is a web design and development agency specializing in e-commerce projects with a focus on Shopify.

We built their new website with Next.js, TypeScript, and Sanity CMS.
Hanabi Agency
Hanabi Agency
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Hanabi wanted a fresh look and a fast website they can fully control and personalize its content based on the user's intent.

They also wanted to create unlimited pages, control their layout, and manage their SEO data without any engineering involved.


The frontend was built with Next.js and TypeScript as a language.

By following our usual best practices, we managed to obtain great Lighthouse scores and managed to make all pages load in a second or less.

We used Sanity's codegen plugin to automatically generate types based on Sanity schemas and easily ensure more reliability in the communication with the CMS backend.





Best Practices



Manage content, and more

Hanabi Agency leverages Sanity as a content platform not only to manage content and create pages, but also to manage theme colors, the homepage pattern, and SEO configuration such as:
  • Redirects
  • Global SEO markup
  • Enable/disable analytics scripts (e.g. for Google or LinkedIn)
  • Auto-generated OG images
  • Schema markup
Sanity also supports real-time editing collaboration and live preview before publishing a page.
Hanabi Agency Sanity Studio
Create OG image based on template
Control Hanabi homepage pattern
Control theme from Sanity
"Tinloof collaborated with us on a new agency website. As a developer, I could tell that they know what they're talking about and it was a really pleasant experience working with them. They delivered the project on time and budget. We would certainly work with them in the future."
Neil Bradley testimonial
Neil Bradley
Co-founder @ Hanabi Agency

Personalized content with Uniform

We made it possible to fully control Hanabi's call-to-action footer based on the website visitor's intent.

We used Uniform's powerful Canvas platform to create various intents based on the ad the user clicked to land on the website and made it possible to control the content for each intent directly from Sanity.


Notion integration

Whenever someone submits a contact form on Hanabi, a new lead is automatically generated on their Notion CRM with populated fields such as Name, Company, Email, Budget, and Required Service.

We've leveraged the Notion API for this feature.
Notion Integration for Hanabi

Klaviyo Integration

Users can register on the Hanabi newsletter thanks to the Klaviyo integration.

We also added an extra security layer by using Botpoison's spam prevention tool.
Klaviyo Integration
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