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This project came to life before we started Tinloof, way before the team included professional product and brand designers.

We could say this was an unintended experiment that eventually defined what tinloof would be about in the next months.

We've built the online presence of a dental practice and managed content creation, photography, branding, iconography, web design, web development, local SEO, and paid marketing (Google Ads).

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Dr. Sbaï is a dentist based in Casablanca, Morocco, and has been operating her dental practice for 30 years relying solely on word of mouth and a tiny billboard outside the practice's balcony to attract new patients.

Over the last years, this strategy was becoming less effective, resulting in a decline in new patients. Dr. Sbaï started to lose hope and was confused about what to do and what happened to her.

She was not alone. Most of her fellow dentists were in a similar position and slowly turned into dazzled bystanders of their business nosedive.

Ironically, some other dental practices and clinics were booming and operating full steam. Strange? Not really. They simply built an online presence and leveraged Google to attract potential patients searching for dentists nearby or reading about tooth pain.

Dr. Sbaï was invisible on the web and tinloof promised her that we would be taking care of establishing her online presence to attract new patients.


We had to build Dr. Sbaï's online presence from scratch and we needed a strategy. These are some of the questions we answered to establish a baseline for what we were about to do:

  • What are this project's goals?
  • Who are the target users?
  • How does this website impact the business?
  • Who are the competitors?
  • How are they positioning themselves?
  • What are the similarities they share?

Overall, the idea was to have a website that would convey trust to its visitors and invite them to book an appointment.


After defining the strategy, we started to create the content. We crafted a tagline, a description of the services and the team, and a brief history of the practice.

We also organized a photography session and later learned that many new patients booked an appointment mainly after looking at Dr. Sbai's pictures, instantly feeling a positive connection and trusting her to take care of them.


The practice operated over the past years without a branded name, it just used the first and last name of the doctor. We advised the dentist to have a name her patients would refer to, and we came up with Sbaï Dentaire.

The practice also lacked a logo so we created one from scratch using the ï as a base:


We designed the website on Figma, including typography, layout, colors, responsiveness, iconography, theme, and more.

We wanted users to feel comfortable and welcomed when visiting the website, so we went for a mild color palette and a minimalist style:

Google Maps integration

Considering how many new patients are located in the area, giving clearer indications of location was an asset.

To make it easy for potential patients to get to Sbaï Dentaire, we added two Google Maps views.

One of them is a simple map, grayed-out to avoid any noise and blend in with the design of the website.

The other map is an interactive street view.

Page speed

Our aim was to have a fast website considering how people in Morocco might be using 3G / 4G data on mobile to book an appointment on the go.

We created the website using Gatsby for good speed and used Cloudinary as the images CDN.

After a series of iterations(technical details here), we achieved a Google Lighthouse speed of 98 and less than 2 seconds of page load.

Local SEO

We created and optimized a Google My Business profile for Sbaï Dentaire which resulted in the practice becoming the #1 rated Dentist in Casablanca by Google users.

The practice also became being part of the Google Local Pack when someone types "dentiste Casablanca" or similar keywords, meaning that Google picked up this Sbaï Dentaire as one of the most relevant practices.

As we are writing this, it is first on mobile and third on desktop (the search result will depend on your location and search history).

Google My Business insights

Our photography session bore its fruits given how many people like to see photographs of the practice and the dentist ahead of booking an appointment.

Sbaï Dentaire is outperforming other practices when it comes to photo views and is receiving thousands of views per month.

Google Ads

We partnered with a digital marketer to manage Google Ads and leveraged Keyword Explorer and negative keywords to rank first on many terms related to dentists in general or teeth whitening.

Sbaï Dentaire ranks #1 for certain keywords on maps and search (depending on the competitor bidding and time of the search).

This is a challenging exercise considering how some dental clinics have bigger budgets and can easily crush our efforts.

The tactic here is to have campaigns specific to offered services (e.g. periodontics) and not rely on Google Smart Ads Campaign.

It is not an exaggeration to say that tinloof saved my business. The team built my online presence from scratch, handling logo creation, branding, web design, web development, Google My Business, Google Ads and more. My practice is now growing and we're hitting records in terms of new revenue and patients per month.


Before getting started on the project, it was painful to see a skilled medical expert losing business and not having clear directions. We promised ourselves to do as much as we could to help.

Dr. Sbaï shared with us that with the creation of the online presence we've done to her business she's been making new records in terms of revenue and number of patients per day. Her patients are extremely grateful to have found her online and refer her to their family and friends.

Also, we now have a dentist who is committed to taking care of our teeth, which is a nice perk.

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