Script Runner

We designed and developed a landing page for the launch of Script Runner, a modern prescription delivery software.

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What we did

New logo

Fresh brand guidelines

Unified social assets

Animated landing page

Assets creation

Enhanced web app

Visual language

Script Runner is actively reshaping the landscape of prescription delivery. We've chosen visuals that exude dynamism and progress to reflect the brand's forward-moving spirit.

Casting the brand in the mold of vivid orange mirrors the twofold commitment of Script Runner: ensure safety in both delivery and transactions, and to bravely kindle progress in the pursuit of modernization and efficiency of its services.

Social presence

For a consistent social presence, we created a custom social kit for the Script Runner team, to simplify asset generation.

By editing content once, they are able to generate assets for Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and any other social platforms they use.

Video poster

Landing page

We created all assets, including credit cards, web app cards, and pills, and handpicked stock images to complement the page's aesthetic.

We also developed custom animations and supported the Script Runner team in organizing content.

Content management

The Script Runner team can handle the site's content on their own, no designers or developers necessary.

With their visual editing tools, it's easy for them to create new pages and arrange sections as needed.

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Behind the scenes

We create scalable Figma setups, allowing Script Runer to rapidly expand with more pages and sections. The design system we implement encompasses all web elements needed for the site.

Simultanouesly, we craft animated prototypes and responsive mockups, ensuring a seamless developer handover.

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Tech stack

Frontend framework

Next.js's logoNext.js


Sanity's logoSanity


Vercel's logoVercel

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