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Sendinblue is an email marketing solution for businesses to send automated marketing campaigns.

We've joined their team to improve Core Web Vitals and implement Next.js projects, like the Carbon Footprint landing page.

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Promotional landing page

The Carbon Footprint landing page is meant to position Sendinblue as a green email provider solution.

It includes a carbon calculator for users to see how much CO2 they consume when then send emails with Sendinblue.

We've built the page with Core Web Vitals and Lighthouse optimizations in mind, and managed to secure 90+ scores.

Best Practices

We have been working with Tinloof on various projects for about 6 months now, and can't recommend them highly enough. They have been absolutely amazing developers, and have been a driving force in improving our companies Marketing Technology performance metrics, and delivering multiple other high-impact projects to support the team. We are forever grateful for all of the efforts Tinloof!

I have worked with Tinloof on a landing page project. As a designer I'm really happy to work with professional and detail oriented developers who respect all the design details. Thanks Tinloof :)

Multiple projects

Aside from the Carbon Footprint project, we've also supported Sendinblue's engineering team in multiple projects:

  • Main website
  • Partners directory
  • Competitors landing pages
  • Components library

Our involvement was varied in nature and involved consultancy, fixing bugs, and creation of new features.

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