We helped Velobici, a UK-based online store for luxury cycling apparel, elevate their design and expand to other markets with a localization strategy.

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Working with Tinloof has been an excellent experience. Communication was clear, delivery was punctual, Seif and Omar were extremely friendly, and they exceeded expectations.


Homepage redesign

We recreated the homepage to be a combination of reusable blocks that content managers could reuse anywhere else across the site, to convey Velobici's story and also link to collections and blog posts.

Blog posts with products

Similarly to other website pages, blog posts are also made out of reusable blocks. On top of text and image blocks, we also included products carousels to make it possible for users to interact with products directly from blog articles and add them to their carts.

Currency and language selector

To simplify language and currency selection for users, we've introduced a selector for these preferences. The content within this selector is fully editable and can be translated using the CMS.

Velobici's language selector
Velobici's language selector

One-time region selector

To increase Velobici's accessibility for international users, we've added a feature that automatically identifies the user's location. On their first visit, a popup appears, allowing them to choose their preferred shipping region and language. The popup's content and display image are fully customizable and can be translated through Sanity CMS.

Velobici's region selector
Velobici's region selector

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