Velobici is a UK-based e-commerce that produces and sells luxury cycling apparel.

They noticed that their platform started getting traction in Japan and South Korea, so they approached us to implement a translation strategy so that they can have content easily translated.

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The challenge

We started with an audit of Velobici's codebase and quickly found out that there was one main problem we had to solve before making content translatable.

The challenge was that content was coming from 3 different places: Sanity CMS, Swell e-commerce platform, and the code itself.

So we started by migrating as much content as possible to Sanity, and only leaving products related content on Swell, which makes it easier to translate in places like the Cart.

Sanity, Swell, Next.js

Translating content in Sanity

We used Sanity's official internationalization plugin along with Next.js built-in internationalized routing feature to enable translation for each page.

To avoid any redundant code, we created GROQ utility queries to pull translations from Sanity for a specific language and fallback to English if the translated content doesn't exist.

Working with Tinloof has been an excellent experience. Seif is deeply knowledgable about all things Next.js and Sanity, communication was clear, delivery was punctual and exceeded expectations.

Moreover, Seif and Omar were extremely friendly and personable people.I would highly recommend Tinloof for any web development projects.

Currency and language selector

To make it easy for users to manage their preferred language or currency, we implemented a selector that allows them to do just that.

The selector's content is also editable and translatable from the CMS.

Currency image selector

One-time region selector

To make Velobici accessible for users outside the UK, we implemented a feature that detects the user's country and shows a popup on their first visit to select their preferred shipping region and language.

The content of the popup, including the display image, is of course entirely customizable and translatable from Sanity CMS.

Region selector

Working with Tinloof has been an absolute pleasure. We needed to localize our entire e-commerce site and they have done an outstanding job from start to finish. The final product is very easy to use and our whole team can utilize the backend with very little training. I would like to give a shout-out to Seif, who was incredible through the whole process. He was very professional and he has a huge amount of knowledge. I would 100% recommend and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

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