Zego: marketing on steroids

Zego is a UK-based insurance covering more than 200,000 vehicles. To empower their marketing team, we helped them create A/B testable and trackable landing pages and custom modular forms from Sanity.

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Split-test landing pages by creating A/B tests from Sanity and control them from LaunchDarkly

All website CTAs are trackable with a custom tag that can be set from the CMS

Create modular forms from the CMS

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A/B Testing

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A/B Testing and Analytics tracking

A/B Testing with LaunchDarkly and Sanity

By this point, the marketing team is able to create landing pages from Sanity in a matter of minutes.

To help them test the conversion of these pages, we integrated LaunchDarkly with the CMS so that marketers can create different variants of a landing page directly from Sanity and control the traffic to these variants from LaunchDarkly.

Once they have enough data about the conversion of these variants, they can then make an informed decision on what variant to serve to users and delete the others.

Tracking CTAs clicks with Amplitude

For the Analytics team to understand what users are clicking through, we made it possible to completely customize the tracking tags associated with CTAs.

Any CTA can now have a custom click event associated with it when a page visitor presses it and the event name is directly controlled from Sanity.

The screenshot below shows the event name given to a particular CTA and the event triggered when pressing on it.


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Tinloof helped us build a new version of our website that is completely customisable from a Headless CMS called Sanity.
This saved us months of engineering work and helped us rank number 1 on Google for certain terms.
We were also able to benefit from their web development expertise to launch a referral program and a live chat.
They are true experts in their field and more importantly kind human beings that are great to work with.

Worked with Seif from Tinloof at Zego and got nothing but great service. Nothing was too much trouble and projects were delivered perfectly and on schedule. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him or Tinloof.

Modular forms

Forms are a great way to engage users and collect useful information about them, so it's important to be able to easily create them.

We wanted the Marketing team to truly be independent when it comes to creating such forms so they should be able to have full control over them.

To do so, we added a form builder to Sanity, making it possible to create a form field by field from the CMS.

The form can have all sorts of fields including Text, Email, Phone number, Price, and Multiple choices.

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