ReasonML vs TypeScript: comparing their type systems

A type is a labeled set of constraints that can be imposed on a value. A type system analyses values in a piece of code, and validates them against their types. JavaScript has a type...
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Seif Ghezala
2019-02-01 · 9 min

JavaScript’s Maps For Better Performance

This article is not intended to explore the API of the Map object in details. If you’re looking for such a source, please check out MDN. In general, the Map data structure is useful...
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Seif Ghezala
2018-11-01 · 5 min

SEO best practices on Sanity

When we build a website with Sanity, we configure SEO best practices to rank higher on search engine result pages.
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Omar Benseddik
2022-09-05 · 7 min
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