LAK Gallery

LAK Gallery is an international gallery that displays limited edition contemporary pieces of art in furniture, ceramics, and sculpture.

We've built their marketplace from scratch with technologies like Next.js, TypeScript, and Sanity as a Headless CMS.
LAK Gallery
LAK Gallery
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Optimized for speed, accessibility, and search engines

To be a leading marketplace in the luxury space, LAK Gallery's site needs to be fast and abide by the best practices.

By focusing on Core Web Vitals and Lighthouse scores, we've optimized the site to be fast, accessible, and properly structured for search engines to crawl.

Here are the scores we achieved (these will fluctuate as changes are implemented):





Best Practices



“We started from zero, Tinloof took care of designing and developing the website from scratch, and now our clients keep complimenting us and coming back to buy the latest pieces we advertise. The site is fast and our curators can easily display the content through the Sanity CMS.”
Mamoun T.
Pieces page LAK Gallery
Artist page LAK Gallery
Cart LAK Gallery

A hub for all content

LAK Gallery's curators and editorial team use Sanity to upload pieces of art, create pages for each designer, and control the layout of certain pages.

Here's a snapshot of how the Sanity dashboard for LAK Gallery looks like when you open it.
Sanity studio LAK Gallery

Creating pages based on templates

At the design stage of the website, we created reusable page templates to ensure LAK Gallery's team could independently create pages (without the involvement of developers).

For example, we have page templates for art pieces, designers, and legal content.

In the snapshots below, under the Designers tab, the content team is able to edit designers' details or create a new designer page from scratch.
Sanity artist page LAK Gallery
Create artist in Sanity CMS

Bulk editing and uploading content

Considering how the gallery displays hundreds of pieces, editing piece by piece would be gruesome.

As a solution, we've added a functionality to take actions in bulk (e.g. bulk delete 100 pieces or bulk upload 500 images).

There is also a dedicated Media Library to add tags to images and filter by certain categories.
Bulk upload Sanity CMS
Media library Sanity CMS
Edit SEO attributes Sanity CMS

Controlling the layout of the page

Sanity is not limited to managing content. When coupled with the modular architecture we use, we can give content managers the ability to structure the layout of a page.

In the snapshot below, the curators are able to display a certain collection of pieces on the homepage and decide on the order by using drag-and-drop.
Control layout Sanity CMS


Since the launch of the site, LAK Gallery witnessed an increase in sales and is planning to add more features to make the purchase experience more enjoyable.

We are keen to see how far LAK Gallery will get and we'll be supporting them in improving the site experience as they keep growing.