We empowered the marketing team at Watershed, the enterprise climate platform, with an intuitive and powerful content management experience.

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Status quo

Equip the marketing team with modular pages

The marketing team at Watershed reached out to Tinloof to optimize their Sanity setup and equip them with the creation of modular pages.

Their initial setup was running on the blog and a few portions of the website, and it was not flexible enough to accomodate for independent content creation.

They inquired whether we could enable them to swiftly create content and autonomously manage their site, and our response was a resounding "yes."

Below is a quick recording of how their initial setup was looking like.

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Working with Tinloof has been a dream. Extremely knowledgable, flexible, and organized, they have been the perfect solution to building a complicated website with a small team.

The solution

Powerful and easy website management

When it comes to managing marketing websites, at Tinloof we aim to offer easy-to-manage and scalable setups to marketers that wish to self-manage a website.

After a few weeks of work, we completely transformed Watershed's content editing experience, making it possible for them to rapidly create pages without developers.

In the recording below, we can see that when they launch the CMS, they have access to a sitemap navigation panel, providing access to every page on the website.

When they click on a page, they will immediately get a screen on the right that shows how the page looks like and updates while it's edited.

More details on the capabilities we offer in this article.

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Foolproof SEO setup

We automated most of the technical SEO requirements, such as generating and updating the sitemap whenever a page is added or removed, and adding schema markup.

The Watershed team can also control the indexability of any page and add redirects, with the website sitemap automatically reflecting those changes.

We also provided them with a with complete control over the pages' SEO fields (e.g. title, description) that are validated based on Google's best practices.

Technical setup

Thanks to the decoupled frontend and backend architecture, we have the flexibility to integrate with any API that is available and documented.

This allows us to seamlessly integrate third-party services and tools, as we did with Watershed, by integrating with their analytics tools.

This architecture empowers us to deliver highly-customized solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients, while maintaining the stability and security of the website.

Decoupled frontend architecture

Tech stack

Headless CMS

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