Using CSS files in web components

When building a microfrontend in React using tools like create-react-app, Webpack, or Vite you might expect plain CSS files and CSS modules to just work, but they don鈥檛 馃槺. Here is...
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Vladimir Zotov
2021-10-24 路 4 min

How to create an accessible React modal

A modal dialog is a window overlaid on top of the main application. It鈥檚 an inert window where the user can鈥檛 interact with the rest of the application. Creating a modal in React is...
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Seif Ghezala
2019-04-01 路 8 min

How to build an Auto-Playing Slideshow with React

As a React agency, we build industry-leading apps and websites. In this article we'll build an auto-playing slideshow using React. The article is divided into two sections: The ...
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Omar Benseddik
2020-11-16 路 8 min