The leading investor in developer-first startups. From JAMstack, to DevSecOps, to feature flagging, Heavybit founders build the future of software from the bottom up.

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Blotout, a $3m-backed YC startup, launched EdgeTag, a serverless app that sends consented data to the Facebook Conversion API directly from the customer’s domain.

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Velobici is a UK-based e-commerce that produces and sells luxury cycling apparel.

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Beyond Creative

Beyond Creative develops games and experiences within the metaverse of Fortnite and creates engaging marketing campaigns for events and brands.

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LAK Gallery

LAK Gallery is an international art gallery that displays limited edition contemporary work in furniture, ceramics, and sculpture.

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Hanabi Agency

Hanabi is a web design and development agency specializing in e-commerce projects with a focus on Shopify.

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exakt health

Exakt Health is a physiotherapy mobile application that helps to prevent and recover from sports injuries.

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Loop is an event organized by Ableton to gather several thousands music makers, artists, developers, and teachers.

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