UX and UI 

We create elegant interfaces to enhance user experience on web and mobile.

What we design


We design ecommerce flows that are built around your clients' needs.

We help you create a seamless and intuitive experience that makes it easy for your users to find, discover, and purchase your products in a frictionless manner.

Marketing websites

It is essential for your corporate or marketing website to reflect your brand values and attract the right audience.

We design interactive user experiences and a UI style that effectively communicates the emotions and associations that are most relevant to your brand.

Web applications

We develop web applications based on the unique needs of your users.

We conduct thorough UX research to inform the development of UX flows and wireframes, create visually appealing UI designs, establish a comprehensive design system, and assist with launching an MVP.

We also offer ongoing design services to support new features and product evolution over time.

Mobile applications

When it comes to mobile app design, our UI/UX design services encompass everything from conducting UX research to designing new features, ensuring that your app delivers a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Why UX/UI matters

Both user search and user interface are key elements in attracting and retaining prospects and clients.

By following the best practices in both disciplines, Tinloof can help you position your business in the best way possible to maximize conversion rates and attract more leads.

Our senior web designers can support with a variety of UX and UI services, from defining the goals and intentions of your users to creating prototypes, wireframes, sitemaps, and complete user interfaces.

What we focus on

Aesthetics - humans appreciate beauty and prefer to interact with aesthetically pleasing sites and apps.

Usability - making sure that your offering is easy to access and that workflows are optimized to encourage users to get in touch, subscribe, or purchase.

Scalability - by establishing a design system, your product will be consistent in its display both online and offline.

Accessibility - make your site or app easy to use for people with disabilities or impairments by following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Durability and simplicity - in this ever-changing competitor space, we want your designs to be relevant for at least 5 to 10 years.

Information architecture - making sure that interfaces are well structured and that users are able to easily navigate your site or app.

Project phases

1 — Discovery and research

We gather all the necessary information about your business, target audience, competitors, and goals. We conduct research to understand users' needs, pain points, and behaviors. Through this process, we identify key insights that will inform our design.

2 — Logic and wireframes

We define the website's architecture and create a detailed sitemap and wireframes that illustrate the website's structure and functionality.

This helps us ensure that the website's content is organized logically and that the user experience is intuitive and efficient.

3 — Art direction and UI concept

We develop art direction, design 3-5 key visuals to select the best one, and create a concept based on the homepage or 2-3 app screens with high-quality graphics and animations.

4 — Visual design

We design mockups for all pages/screens of the MVP within the art direction developed in the previous stage. We can also assist you in creating content or create it ourselves.

5 — Design system

We believe in collaborative approach between design and development. As a result, we create a design system with all styles and components, for a smooth development handover.

We also design responsive modules that can be added directly from the CMS, so your site looks consistent and functional on any device.

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Great company to work with. They possess outstanding design, content creation and technical skills, while also having very useful perks, like a strong project management attitude, and providing advice and insights on how to make the product better.

It was a pleasure working with Tinloof. They are friendly, professional and most importantly deliver world-class solutions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and hope we can work together in the future.

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