Every brand, every visual identity, starts with a concept.

Before we create, we investigate, search, understand, and apply design thinking to design meaningful strategies that generate real value and connect our clients with their audience on a deeper level.

Branding projects

Branding services


A good name plays an important role for a brand.

We identify the name for your company, product or service by research, brainstorming, and trademark vetting to make sure the name is available from a legal standpoint.

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Art direction

We determinate the overall aesthetic and artistic elements of your brand.

Art direction is about creating ideas and concepts that evoke emotion through art and design.

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Identity and logo creation

We create the collection of elements that are going to represent and differentiate your brand: color palette, typography, iconography, graphics, photography style, illustrations and animations.

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Packaging, stationery, editorial and signage

To complete and support your brand, we design assets like business cards, posters, wrappings, magazines, and books.

Tinloof's Merchandising

Tinloof's Merchandising

Our approach to branding

1 — Brand strategy and positioning


To establish the foundation for your visual identity, it is crucial to gain a deeper understanding of your background, values, and aspirations.

Through workshops and interviews, we can gather the necessary information about your company that will inform the development of key concepts that form the cornerstone of your visual identity.


We analyze your competitors to pinpoint your position and suggest areas for improvement.

Our report summarises the entities studied and offers actionable conclusions.

Audience analysis

Understanding your audience is critical for effective communication. By investigating your users, we can define the most appropriate tone and messaging to connect with them.

Research for

Research for

2 — Naming and tone of voice

Words carry as much weight as images in conveying your brand's message. We collaborate with you to discover your unique voice and style of communication that resonates with your audience.

Our process includes creating messaging moodboards and tone-of-voice grids, which serve as a collaborative tool to brainstorm and define the character of your brand.

Tone of Voice

Tone of Voice

3 — Moodboard

A moodboard is a powerful tool that allows us to transform abstract concepts into concrete visual ideas.

By incorporating elements such as colors, textures, objects, photographs, and illustrations, we can establish the overall mood and aesthetic of your brand.

The resulting inspiration serves as a foundation for creating concepts that bring your visual identity to life.



4 — Visual identity and foundations

Now it's time to turn your concepts into captivating visuals.

Building on the strategy and moodboard, we carefully select the visual elements that best reflect your brand, such as color palette, typography, iconography, graphics, photography style, illustrations, and animations.

By weaving these elements together, we create a visual identity that truly captures the essence of your brand.

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5 — Brand manual and guidelines

After designing your new brand, we create a comprehensive brand manual that provides all the necessary specifications for using it effectively.

This includes guidelines on the grid, maximum reduction, area of non-interference, prohibited uses, and guidelines for interactions with other logos.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your brand is always presented consistently and effectively across all channels and touchpoints.

Our brand guidelines are easily accessible online, allowing you to conveniently download your logo and copy colors directly from the platform.

This ensures that you always have the latest and most accurate information at your fingertips, making it easy to maintain brand consistency and coherence across all your marketing materials and channels.

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It was a great experience on all levels. Project management was smooth as was the design process and the actual implementation. I at any time felt well understood as a customer. Thumps up!

The Tinloof team is reliable, proactive, and knowledgeable. They delivered exactly what we needed in the timescales we needed them by, worked and communicated well with our internal teams and have provided training and documentation to support the teams.

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We build stunning websites designed to be self-managed by your marketing team at scale.

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Custom web apps tailored to your business needs and unique requirements.