Tinloof significantly increased page speed and user engagement while reducing content updating times. Despite the time zone difference, Tinloof demonstrated stellar project management, prompt communication, and met all deadlines.

The amount of work, obsession, and love that Tinloof put it to Codemod is just wow.

Consistently impressed by the Tinloof team, and love seeing Hydrogen’s React library paired with Next.js. Their Sanity implementation is also wicked. Amazing work here. Holding my breath for y'all get up to next.

Since we switched to working with Tinloof we no longer faced issues like slow loading speeds, design inconsistencies, auto-updating apps causing bugs, broken add-to-cart, or difficulties with content management.

Our site launched on-time, is 5x faster, conversion rates doubled days after launching, and the website is much more functional and easier to manage.

Collaborating with Tinloof on our Sanity plugin was a great partnership. Their deep expertise in Sanity was evident as they quickly got up to speed and aligned with our objectives. Tinloof has a natural product sense which minimized the need for close oversight and led to great suggestions coming from their team. A top-notch partner.

Working with Tinloof has been a dream. Extremely knowledgable, flexible, and organized, they have been the perfect solution to building a complicated website with a small team.

Tinloof optimized our CMS, enabling our marketing team to publish web content without needing engineering resources. Their project management is excellent, they execute quickly, and communicate well. I would happily work with them again.

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