We build seamless mobile apps

Tinloof is an agency that designs and develops user-friendly mobile apps that are fast and engaging.

What we help with

Requirements and architecture

We provide assistance in scoping out projects by helping to collect requirements and develop a milestone-based plan.

Our team also creates a robust architecture to support all the functionalities you desire, ensuring that your app is built to scale and perform at its best.

Branding and design

We create a unique brand for your mobile app and establish brand guidelines to keep your presence consistent across platforms.

We also support with UX/UI design to create interfaces to enhance user experience.

Content management

We empower you to easily edit content, create screens, and customize page layouts using Sanity CMS.

Our user-friendly interface allows for hassle-free content management, making it easier for you to keep your app up-to-date and relevant to your audience.

3rd party integrations

We assist in evaluating tools and integrating with 3rd party solutions, including analytics and ad platforms.

Performance optimisation

We specialize in optimizing page speed, with a goal of achieving a minimum of 90/100 on Google Page Speed Insights for all our apps.

We believe that fast-loading apps not only improve user experience, but also positively impact search engine rankings and overall performance.

Go live

We provide end-to-end support in creating app assets and submitting them to both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Our team guides you through the entire process, ensuring that your app meets all necessary requirements and is ready to launch in a timely manner.

Types of mobile apps

React Native applications

We leverage the power of React Native - a framework based on React - to create native mobile apps that work seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices.

By developing just one codebase, we offer a cost-effective solution for multi-platform development.

Plus, React Native's familiarity with React makes it easy to maintain the apps, with web developers already equipped with the necessary skills.

With a wide range of libraries available for React Native, we can easily incorporate functionalities to create rich and engaging mobile experiences.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) deliver a native app-like experience using modern web technologies.

They work on any device, load content instantly, and require minimal storage.

PWAs are easy to install, discover, and share, providing a seamless user experience that boosts engagement and retention.

Below an example of a PWA architecture.

Tech stack

Native Mobile Framework

React Native's logoReact Native

PWAs Frameworks

Remix's logoRemixNext.js's logoNext.js

Languages & Libraries

TypeScript's logoTypeScriptJavaScript's logoJavaScriptReact's logoReact

Content Management

Sanity's logoSanity

How we work


We use Slack to make communication as fast and as easy as possible.


We prioritize research, which means we begin gathering all necessary information the moment you contact us, to create a comprehensive plan for your custom mobile app.

Our proposals outline the architecture, tech stack, and project milestones, providing you with a clear understanding of the entire development process and ensuring we're aligned on project goals.

Transparent and simple task management

We work with weekly sprints, and track the progress on Linear.

Working with sprints allows us to efficiently plan, prioritize, and deliver small chunks of work on a regular basis, allowing us to make progress on a project in an iterative and agile manner.

This helps us stay focused and accountable, and means that we can quickly adapt to changes or pivot in response to feedback.

Typical Linear board for a project
Typical Linear board for a project


We work in iterations and ask for feedback as soon as we make progress. These small feedback iterations make it easy for everyone to be aligned and progress faster.

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