PWA: What it is and why you should try it

The percentage of global web traffic on mobile phones has surged over the past decade. As of November 2022, 60.28 percent of all web traffic came through mobile phones. Providing a...
George Bibilashvili's photo
George Bibilashvili
2023-01-20 · 10 min

How to integrate Fathom Analytics into your Remix App

When it comes to building successful websites, it's important to gain insights and data about your website visitors in order to enhance their experience. In this guide, we will go...
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Basel Sababa
2022-12-05 · 4 min

Images and videos on Sanity

This article is outdated. You can read the Managing Tinloof-powered websites article instead. - Images and videos have to be properly configured to rank in search engine result pages...
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Omar Benseddik
2022-09-18 · 7 min

Analytics with Sanity

We’ll explain in this article the analytics possibilities with Sanity and how we enable them in our projects.
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Seif Ghezala
2022-09-12 · 2 min
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