Guide to fast Next.js

Insights into how Tinloof measures website speed with best practices to make faster websites.
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Seif Ghezala
2024-01-15 · 13 min

How we build fast Shopify stores

It is no surprise that ecommerce page speed is a key factor in user satisfaction, conversion rates, SEO, and brand perception. Research clearly shows that the slower the ecommerce...
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Omar Benseddik
2023-01-31 · 8 min

Explain Like I'm Five: Website speed

This post is part of the series Explain Like I'm Five (#eli5), which aims to make tech concepts and terms easy to understand. In this two minutes read, we'll explain why website speed...
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Seif Ghezala
2021-06-12 · 4 min

JavaScript’s Maps For Better Performance

This article is not intended to explore the API of the Map object in details. If you’re looking for such a source, please check out MDN. In general, the Map data structure is useful...
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Seif Ghezala
2018-11-01 · 5 min
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