Good service, prompt and quality delivery.

It's been a great experience working with Tinloof and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about it. Seif has been amazing to work with, super professional, creative and understands exactly what is required to make a great website/CMS.

We brought in Seif to build the frontend for the API we designed since we didn't have any in house expertise. He started from scratch and delivered with minimal overhead. He was proactive in solving issues and talking to anyone who can help get the job done. He helped onboard other people on the project as well and helped us deliver on an MVP. If you're looking for an experienced frontend engineer, I highly recommend Tinloof and Seif.

Tinloof helped us build a new version of our website that is completely customisable from a CMS - this saved us months of engineering work and helped us rank number 1 on Google for certain terms. They are true experts in their field and more importantly kind human beings that are great to work with.

The level of expertise they have is incredible. They have been extremely fast resolving every question I have had, plus the performance and delivery of the new CMS pages in the company have definitely improved because of them. 100% recommend it.

It has been a pleasure working with Tinloof, they are experienced professionals able to deliver quality features quickly. Omar developed valuable features for Zego, including Friends Referral and Live Chat.

I'm a lead designer of Exakt Health, and I was happy and comfortable working with Tinloof for our website re-design, mainly because of their flexibility and capability to adapt to what and when we needed it. I appreciated their tech consultancy and execution as well as aligning to our design vision and details required.

Another important and flexible aspect from them was their capability to adapt to our project management. So we were able to decide how and when to design each of our features as we needed them, in a more cyclic way, which is something that not any development external agency adapts to. So I would totally recommend them and would be happy to work with them again in future.

Working with Omar and Seif has been a great experience. It’s clear they’ve put a lot of time and thought into their headless implementation. Definitely recommend Tinloof for any web projects.

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