RMT (retailmediatools) is a web platform that helps retailers easily generate advertising revenue. They approached us to help them build their web application, Campaign Manager, using Next.js and TypeScript.

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Build a self-serve and white-label web application for retailers to manage their advertising business.

The application access is protected with login and users can have multiple roles with different access levels.

Retailers can invite users with different access levels and advertisers can sign up to the platform.

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Tech stack


Next.js's logoNext.js

Languages & Libraries

TypeScript's logoTypeScriptReact's logoReact


Auth0's logoAuth0

Embedding the team

The team already made progress on the platform's backend and some APIs were already close to completion.

We embedded the team as their frontend force and started immediately making progress on the UI of the platform.

Our contributions were reviewed by other engineers through Github pull requests and we managed to blend in quite fast.

Contributing to the codebase through Github pull requests

Authenticating users with Auth0

We leveraged Auth0 to protect the application and provide various access levels to users.

There are mainly two main user roles: retailers and advertisers. Each user role had also sub-roles such as admin and viewer.

Since retailer users automatically had an advertiser account, they could switch between roles with just a click.

Both retailers and advertisers could also invite other users from the group to access a particular account.

Interactive campaign creator

We made it possible for advertisers to create and manage campaigns from the app.

The interactive campaign creator is so powerful because it allows advertisers to easily select what products to include, the audience they want to target, and the timeline of their campaign.

Once a campaign is created, they can easily manage it and tweak it if needed.

Interactive campaign creator

Displaying heavy data

In retail media, every single piece of data is important and can influence your decisions as a retailer or advertiser.

The platform was therefore data-heavy and it was important to make it as accessible as possible.

We made that possible by representing the data either in filterable graphs or feature-rich data tables that are also filterable and sortable.

Filterable and sortable tables


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We brought in Seif to build the frontend for the API we designed since we didn't have any in house expertise. He started from scratch and delivered with minimal overhead. He was proactive in solving issues and talking to anyone who can help get the job done. He helped onboard other people on the project as well and helped us deliver on an MVP. If you're looking for an experienced frontend engineer, I highly recommend Tinloof and Seif.

Had the pleasure of collaborating with the agency for building a frontend for our backend offering.
Things went smoothly, there were no delays in feature deliveries and in terms of communication, my feeling is that we were always on the same page. I can only higlhly recommend Tinloof!

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