Zego is a commercial motor insurance provider that powers opportunities for businesses to self-employed drivers and riders.

They approached us to help them better manage their content by migrating it to Sanity CMS and rebuilding the website to leverage that.
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The problem

The website content was either embedded directly in the code or stored in the backend.

It made every content change require developers' involvement, slowing down content management, and taking from developers time that could be used to develop features or fix bugs.

It also made it tricky to translate content and split test it.
Zego's Infrastructure Problem

The blog as a proof of concept

Zego's blog was edited from a custom admin page that used Draft.js for the frontend editor and stored the content in a database.

After importing and converting the content from the existing blog, we made it possible to write articles and live-preview their content.

Articles had text but also images and some custom blocks like Youtube videos or Zego Quick Estimate forms.

We also made it possible to create tags and assign them to articles to categorize them.
"Tinloof were professional and experts in their domain. Their familiarity with Next.js and Sanity meant we were able to come up with good solutions to integrating a CMS for use across the organisation."
Seth Corker testimonial
Seth Corker
Tech Lead - Zego

Building landing pages from the CMS

The feedback from the blog editors was quite positive and motivated us to bring the same value to marketers when creating landing pages.

Together with designers, we divided landing pages into blocks, each having a specific content structure, a design, and variations.

Having this architecture working was possible thanks to the combination of Sanity's GROQ query language, TypeScript, and Next.js.

This empowered marketers quite a lot because it made it possible for them to create landing pages from the CMS by simply glueing together a few blocks and specifying their content.

Saving 3 months of engineering work

"Making it possible to create landing pages through Sanity CMS saves us 3 months of engineering. We were able to estimate that number by following one of the internal teams while creating a landing page and recording the time. We then multiplied that by the number of pages we usually create per year."
Alix Lauzon testimonial
Alix Lauzon
Product Manager @ Zego

Translating content and targeting specific countries

Some of the landing pages Zego publishes are available in more than one language.

Moreover, landing pages can sometimes be targeted towards a specific country.

Handling these two use cases is such a powerful feature and yet, thanks to Sanity, was achieved by simply adding a Locale field.
Sanity Localization

Migrating the rest of the website pages to the CMS

It's now possible to create infinite landing pages or blog articles, live preview and QA them, then release them in minutes.

The feedback was extremely positive and we decided to use the same integration to make it possible to create any page from the CMS.

Thanks to Next.js rewrites feature, we are able to gradually migrate page per page to the new CMS setup.
Creating any page from the CMS
"Tinloof have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They had been contracted to help drive the CMS development across the organisation and are clearly experts in their field. They really felt like part of the permanent organisation too and fit right it with the environment and team's ways of working. It has been great to be able to learn from their extensive domain knowledge along the way."
Lorine Rosenberg testimonial
Lorine Rosenberg
Tech Lead @ Zego