Sendinblue is a SaaS solution for relationship marketing that is currently serving more than 80,000 users.

They've approached us to help them improve the Core Web Vitals of several projects they're running, and support them in developing features in Next.js projects.

Improving Lighthouse scores

We started with an audit to spot potential Lighthouse gains and teamed up with Sendinblue's engineering to make the following improvements:
  • Saved megabytes of font by switching from TTF to WOFF, which is a much lighter format.
  • Shaved off killobytes of JavaScript by removing unused dependencies or replacing them with lighter ones.
  • Improved SEO scores by following Google best practices like adding link descriptions or using better HTML semantic tags.
  • Made the website more accessible by adding the necessary meta attributes and improving colors contrast.
Sendinblue partners directory

Building features and pages

Aside from the audit and optimizations, we've also had the chance to provide support in feature work and fixing bugs.

For example, we created components in the core UI library and implemented pages for different projects.

We are still working with Sendinblue and we'll be sharing more examples of the outcomes of our work in the upcoming months.
Sendinblue partners directory
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