Tax Advisor

Looking for a tax advisor can be a daunting task in Germany, especially for newcomers who are not fluent in German. We built this directory to that, and enabled users to filter and search by location and languages.

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Simple design including search functionality and pagination

Straightforward content management to add tax advisors, languages, countries, and cities

Branding and design

Brand guidelines

We created brand guidelines for Tax Advisor, including logo, typography, colors, and composition.

Tax Advisor typography
Tax Advisor typography
Tax Advisor color composition
Tax Advisor color composition

Design system

To facilitate the development process and ensure consistency across the design, we created a UI kit and a design system.

Tax Advisor UI kit
Tax Advisor UI kit

Tech stack


Next.js's logoNext.js

Library & Languages

React's logoReactTypeScript's logoTypeScript

Content Platform

Sanity's logoSanity

Deployment Platform

Vercel's logoVercel

Fast and filterable directory

We used a headless architecture to make the directory fast and enable custom filters.

The frontend is built with Next.js, and the tax advisor content is fetched from a headless CMS called Sanity.

Both the frontend and the Sanity studio are securely deployed on Vercel, a Deployment-as-a-Service platform that distributes the site worldwide via dozens of CDNs (Cloud Delivery Networks).

Search and filters

To make the tax advisor search easier, we've enabled users to search by name and filter by cities and languages.

Combining city and language filters comes in handy, especially for those who want to, for example, search for a tax advisor who is based in Berlin and speaks French.

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Lighthouse scores

We reached scores of 100/100 on Lighthouse for Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO.

GDPR-friendly analytics

We used Fathom Analytics to keep track of page visits.

More work