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Looking for a tax advisor can be a daunting task in Germany, especially for newcomers who are not fluent in German.

As a remedy to that, we've built this directory to make it easy for any individual or business in Germany to look for tax advice.

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Simple design including search functionality and pagination

Straightforward content management to add tax advisors, languages, countries, and cities

Tech stack

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Search and filters

To make the tax advisor search easier, we've enabled users to search by name and filter by cities and languages.

Combining city and language filters comes in handy, especially for those who want to, for example, search for a tax advisor who is based in Berlin and speaks French.

Layout control

To make the search experience more enjoyable, we offer users the ability to select between a grid and list view.

Also, by hovering on the tax advisor, they will be able to directly copy to clipboard the email address or the phone number.

Tax Advisor is so easy to navigate that it's a no brainer to use whenever the tax consultant search hunt starts. Glad we used it for Tinloof, it saved us so much time compared to desperately scouring through Google".

Content management

The content is managed on Sanity, a headless CMS from which we can change text, SEO attributes, and the displayed tax advisors.

(If you're not familiar with what a headless CMS is, here's a non-technical introduction).

Performance and Analytics

As usual, we make sure to attain the highest scores on Google Lighthouse, and this was no exception.

The scores are 100 in all categories for both mobile and desktop.

To keep track of the page's analytics, we use Fathom as it provides us with a simple interface.

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