Betty's Eddies

Betty's Eddies is one of the multiple brands owned by Marimed, a US-based pharmaceutical cannabis operator. We've developed for them a performant site controlled from Sanity.

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Lighthouse-optimized site with +90 scores on speed, accessibility, and SEO

Modern content editing experience, with the ability to control the layout of pages without developer involvement

Automation of batch upload to store locator, to avoid manual work from the sales team

Integration of Mux video player with Sanity

Fast and modern website

Marimed is a multi-state cannabis operator that operates dozens of brands in the US.

One of them is Betty's Eddies, natural cannabis fruit chews aimed to help people feel calmer.

Their website was previously running on an old setup, and content creators didn't have the ability to create landing pages and easily manage the website.

We implemented for them a fast website optimised for search engines and with features like store locators.

Betty's Eddies products
Betty's Eddies products
Betty's Eddies lemon illustration
Betty's Eddies lemon illustration

Betty's Eddies clock illustration
Betty's Eddies clock illustration

Tech stack

Languages & Libraries

React's logoReactTypeScript's logoTypeScript


Next.js's logoNext.js

Deployment Platforms

Vercel's logoVercel

Headless CMS

Sanity's logoSanity

Media Management

Mux's logoMux

Website architecture

We built the frontend with Next.js as the framework, and enabled content managers to control the layout of the pages and edit content from Sanity as the headless CMS.

The site is deployed securely on Vercel, and since we have full control of the frontend, we integrated with 3rd party tools like Google API, Hubspot, and Mailchimp

Modular setup to create unlimited landing pages

We worked closely with the design team to break down the site into reusable modules, to empower the marketing team to create landing pages without involvement of designers and developers, whilst keeping brand consistency across the site.

This setup is achieved thanks to the headless architecture approach, powered by Sanity.

Betty's Eddies product page
Betty's Eddies product page
Betty's Eddies store locator
Betty's Eddies store locator

Content management

Our goal is to empower content editors to create new pages, see how those look like before going live, and follow SEO best practices.

To ensure a smooth onboarding, we've added a guide explaining all the necessary to create content.

Betty's Eddies marketing team also handles all the product information directly from Sanity.

Although there are no transactional features in the site, this website has e-commerce-like features.

Guide in Sanity to onboard content editors
Guide in Sanity to onboard content editors
Sanity modular architecture to control page layout
Sanity modular architecture to control page layout
Managing products from Sanity
Managing products from Sanity

The best setup I've seen in the 2 years I've been working with Sanity. The setup for Sanity CMS was very well thought out and easy for marketers to understand.

Store locator

To make it easier for Betty's Eddies consumers to find products, we've implemented a store locator that is directly managed from Sanity.

Users can search for a store or city, and the store locator would zoom in the relevant geography and display the address and offer to get directions.

The integration of Sanity with Google's API enabled this seamless experience.

Not only users were delighted, but content editors too. We saved hours of work for their marketing team by enabling CSV mass store upload directly on Sanity, instead of adding store by store.

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We integrated the website with 3rd party tools like Hubspot and Mailchimp to automate tasks for Betty's Eddies marketing team.

Reaching top page speeds

Betty's Eddies site was previously scoring below 80 on PageSpeed Insights.

Their site now scores 90+ and passes all Core Web Vitals. We also followed SEO best practices, to encourage search engines ranking their site higher.

Note that scores will fluctuate as we complete the handover to their team and they might add more scripts that would slow down the site.

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