Heavybit is a San Francisco-based investor in developer-first startups. We helped them consolidate content in Sanity and built a performant and feature-rich site with Remix.

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Consolidate content into one single Sanity dataset and improve content editing experience

Build a performant and feature-rich interface

Integration with Mux for media management and Algolia for search

Implement authentication for users to sign-up and create content

Tech stack

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Media Management

Content management

Heavybit's site was initially built on WordPress, and got eventually migrated to two different frameworks, 11ty and Gatsby, which caused the creation of two Sanity datasets to fetch content.

We've rebuilt the frontend using Remix as the sole framework, and consolidated all the content in one single Sanity dataset, offering the Heavybit team one single source of truth for content.

We've also enabled the content team to create pages without involvement of developers, thanks to the modular architecture we've adopted, and preview changes before going live.

The content team is also able to control redirects from the Sanity interface, select multimedia from Mux directly from Sanity, and schedule when content should go live amongst other convenient features.

Tinloof have been an excellent partner for us on our website rebuild project. The site they have so far delivered is performant and secure. Omar and Seif are deeply experienced in Sanity and React, but also in communicating clearly about their work, responding to our specific needs and priorities, and finding creative solutions to difficult problems. It has been a pleasure working with Omar and Seif for the past quarter, and I’m excited to continue partnering with them as we build new features and functionality.

Features and future

By leveraging Remix' SSR approach, we've improved the performance of the site and kept the build times minimal, despite any increase in pages and content.

As we're writing this case study, we are still optimising the site and working on numerous features that will make Heavybit's site more of a rich platform than a standard brochure website.

The integration with Algolia Search and the implementation of the authentication flow will help Heavybit become a stronger content powerhouse and attractive community to join.

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