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Zego is a UK-based insurance covering more than 200,000 vehicles. To keep fuelling growth, we've joined their team to implement a referral program leveraging Buyapowa's advocacy platform.

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Implement referral program on the "My account" section of Zego

Automate reconciliation and sign-up workflows with Buyapowa's API

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Why a referral program?

Acquiring customers through paid advertising is getting more expensive, and Zego started getting diminishing returns on marketing spend as they reach channel saturation.

Their in-house referral scheme, although succesful, was not scalable and only worked for certain policies. Zego needed a new way to reduce the cost of customer acquisition (CPA) whilst opening a new lead channel and driving virality.

They've opted for Buyapowa's advocacy platform to make this happen.

Drive together, earn together
Zego Sanity CMS

We've embedded their engineering team to make the web integration work, and have leveraged tools like Next.js, TypeScript, and Sanity.

On top of that, thanks to the CMS integration we've done for them , the marketing team was able to create a promotional landing page in no time.


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They have a great work ethic, making sure they deliver the highest value. Refer a friend and live chat are critical pieces to our business for sales and operations. Live chat will reduce impact of operations by over 40% and refer a friend could have a major impact on improving overall sales.

Having worked with Tinloof on the integration of a SaaS solution, I've been really impressed with their attention to detail, speed of execution and clarity of communication through the project. Definitely recommended.

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